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Mini Cake Stand Displays

April 14, 2017

I’ve been styling and taking pictures of jewelry for several years now! I have no real photography skills so lucky for me I have my daughter Sierra to help me (she’s the real photographer). One of my favorite jewelry displays that I continue to use year after year (and even have a decent size collection) is a mini cake stand!  These little 3-5 inch lovely dishes are the perfect frame for bracelets, charms and even draping a necklace from. They work great stacked (for height), scattered throughout a display or just by themselves, simple and sweet!  They even come in handy on top of your bedroom dresser or night stand to catch loose earrings, rings or charms. Inexpensive and easy to find! Here are a few of my favorites mini’s! (oh, a link to my favorite brick background too!)


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Light Pink Cake Stand

White Cake Stand

Light Green Cake Stand

White Brick Background

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